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  • Name: Pyrophyllite powder
  • No.: JO-001
  • Time: 2016-07-27
  • Views : 347

Pyrophyllite powder is a kind of hydrous aluminum silicate mineral, with melting point of 1,700℃, white, platy radial aggregate. It is of gloss, toughness, chemical stability, low thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, low electrical conductivity, high insulating ability, high melting point and favorable corrosion resistance.
Chemical Composition: Al2O3≥25~30%, SiO2≤55~70%, Fe2O3≤1.0%. Whiteness≥85% 
I. Due to high melting point and low thermal expansion, Pyrophyllite powder is used to reduce sintering temperature, decrease shrinkage and cracking, resist thermal expansion or used as filler in ceramics industry, such as ceramic tile, sanitary ware, dinnerware and porcelain electrical supplies.
II. Due to high melting point, Pyrophyllite powder is used in refractory materials, or used to add to glass fiber raw material in the form of alumina and monox to promote flowing, or used as filler in insulating firebrick, refractory material of furnace and kiln, or mold wash.
III. Due to chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high insulating quality, whiteness, absorbing property and flowability, Pyrophyllite powder is used as carrier or filler in insecticide, specialized fertilizer, paint, rubber, paper making, dyestuff, pharmacy, sugar processing, cosmetics and plastic products.

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